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Below are only a few screenshots from the many applications in our FloorPro® Enterprise Solution

Standard Report Features

  With our FloorPro® ERP you can view any report on your very own monitor! This allows you to query for information, view large amounts of data and review the contents without printing a lengthy report. In addition, the online report can be saved to your hard drive for recollection at a later time!
  Our Software can generate a tab delimeted text file from any report with just a push of a button! This data can be imported into Excel (or any other spreadsheet program) as well as the relational database of your choice.
Print Report Screen - 11.7K
Excel Imported Report - 56.2K
View Online - 46.8K

Order Entry / Invoicing Module

Below is a snapshot of our Order Entry solution for distribution
Order Entry - 30.5K

Return Authorization Module

  Our Return Authorization System allows your customer order desk to issue a return request which can be reviewed later and subsequently approved or denied by a separate department. At the end of the process, a credit is issued, a return ticket is printed and the inventory is returned. The original bin location and run number is recalled so that the warehouse personnel can return the goods to the original picking location. This capability adds another level of control to normal return procedures. In addition, this module is seamlessly integrated with the Optical Disk so that a return request can be made on extremely old invoices.
Return Authorization Creation - 24.8K

Inventory Control Module

  Although we can handle nearly any product, our specialty is difficult to handle inventory. The system handles nearly any unit of measure and converts between these units seamlessly. Let's consider a Ceramic Tile product. In this case, the warehouse personnel can pick whole cartons or pull entire pallets yet the customer can be billed by the square foot!
  Below is a demonstration of a tile product billed by the square foot and ordered by the carton and piece.
  Using our FloorPro® ERP Solution, you will gain a better hold on your inventory. Below is an example of a feature that allows you to analyze the turn-over rate of your inventory.
Inventory Display - 27.3K
Inventory Turn Report - 15.6K

Purchase Order Module

  The below image demonstrates the receiving side of our Purchase Order System. The user simply checks which items have been received in full and which items have been partially received. Then with a push of a button, the item is stock received and put into inventory!
Purchase Order Receiving - 20.0K

Truck Routing Module

  Manage your trucks with the greatest of ease with our FloorPro® ERP Truck Routing Module! The software keeps track of all orders that are being shipped via company truck and even warns you if an order is in danger of being delivered late or if a truck is overweight. Managing your fleet is a breeze. Orders are allocated to a truck automatically based on where your customer is located. Simply review the manifest, make any manual adjustments via drag and drop and click print. That's it! A manifest sheet will be printed allowing the warehouse personnel to load the truck quickly with very little paper work and no picking tickets.
Manifest Creation / Maintenance - View Jim's Manifest - 30.2K
Manifest Creation / Maintenance - View ALL Jim's Manifests - 28.6K

Sales Analysis Module

  Our intuitive Sales Analysis allows you see buying trends for a given area and/or customer as well as selling trends for a given product or product line. In addition, you can track which territories are the most lucrative and which salesmen are selling the most.
Management Ranking of Customer Accounts - 15.9K
Popular Sales By SKU - 15.7K
Comparative Sales Report - 18.4K
Territory Sales Report - 15.1K
Invoice Register - 16.4K


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