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Optical Disk Storage

    Key Features:
  • By using the FloorPro® Digital Invoice Storage and Retrieval System, your company no longer needs to print and file a separate copy of the invoice by dealer. The main advantages are:
    • Saves the labor cost of filing invoice copies
    • Virtually eliminates invoice filing errors
    • Significantly reduces your forms cost
    • Catches duplicate Credit Memos
  • The invoice information is updated automatically. No scanning is required.
  • ABS's system is less costly than competing systems, since you don't need additional scanning hardware.
  • Invoices can be reprinted on demand.
  • No labor is involved in scanning the invoice documents.
  • In the event a second credit memo is issued against the same invoice, the user is alerted to the possible error.
  • Complete order detail is stored, not just the invoice information which is printed.
  • Up to 10 years of invoices can be stored on-line
  • The database can be searched by invoice number, customer, SKU and date range.
  • Information is stored on your choice of media: Optical disks, CD-R (Recordable CD-ROM) or hard disk.
  • ABS's storage format uses considerable less disk space to store order information than most competing systems.
  • Invoice information can be recalled on a workstation without printing the document. Information which is not printed can also be displayed, such as cost and gross margin percentage.
  • Additional software is available to extract and summarize invoice and sales information in virtually any form you desire.

     Our FloorPro®   Digital Invoice Storage and Retrieval System eliminates the need to file invoices by hand. In addition, this system gives all system users access to dealer invoices. Any system user can directly access up to 10 years of invoices on-line. Not only do the users have on-line access to all of the invoice information, but the system retains and displays additional information which is not printed on the invoice, such as cost, gross margin, commission code, trip points, mill shipment number, etc.

     All invoices are stored and filed electronically. No scanning is required. Using this system, there is no need to print and store a numerical copy and a separate dealer copy. This can reduce your invoice form by up to two copies. This saves both labor and forms costs.

     Since the invoice information is updated and stored automatically, you'll never have to worry about a misfiled invoice again. Any invoice can be reprinted on demand. No special forms are required - an image of the original invoice is reprinted on a laser printer on blank paper. This invoice looks like a photocopy of the original invoice, except the quality of this laser printer reproduction is generally better than most photocopiers.

     This software system automatically warns the user when a second credit memo is issued against the same invoice. When a user views the original invoice, the system displays the credit memo number(s), if any, which were issued against the invoice. People doing research for claims or credits have access to all the information they need without going to any filing cabinets - and they don't even need to leave their desk!

     Up to 10 years of invoices can be stored on-line. The database can be searched by invoice number, customer, SKU, and / or date range. For example, you can ask the system to display all invoices for a particular dealer for the last 2 years if it contains a specific type of product. The system displays a screen full of invoice numbers in reverse date order (ie., most recent first). By highlighting any of the invoice numbers on the screen, complete detail information is displayed for the selected invoice. Complete detail, including all line items and comments, can be displayed for all invoices without printing it.

     Unlike other database products, which can take several minutes to search for an invoice, our FloorPro®   product is lightning fast - it searches through years of information in only a few seconds.

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