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FloorPro® Enterprise Solutions


      FloorPro® III is a state-of-the-art industry specific ERP system designed for "difficult to handle" inventory such as flooring, ceramic tile and stone. This software fully supports sheet vinyl, carpet, ceramic tile, stone, wood, laminates, adhesives, installation supplies, and various other products. The system handles nearly any unit of measure and converts between these units seamlessly.

      What sets us apart from generalized software is our ability to handle the complex inventory control needs for your industry. We have the computer expertise and the industry-specific knowledge needed to develop and support software for your business industry and we have a track record of nearly 30 years to prove it.

      Our comprehensive industry-specific software fully automates all aspects of your business from Order Processing to Inventory Control, and from Purchasing to Accounting. Since the software utilizes a Windows Graphical User Interface (GUI), it is an intuitive system with very little user training required. Our seamlessly integrated "Wireless Warehouse" software fully supports bar code scanning and printing, truck routing and manifests. With our COLA (Customer On-Line Access) software, your customers can check stock, check pricing, place an order, and print a confirmation document directly though the Internet, reducing the load on the customer service department.

    Key Features:
  • We customize the software to your business needs and we write custom software to your specifications.
  • Our software is client/server and operates across the Internet. This allows your employees to access the system from anywhere in the world!
  • Never outgrow the system - the software supports 1,000+ users.
  • On-site training at your facility.
  • Automates all aspects of your business including Order Processing, Inventory Control, Purchasing, Receiving, Sales Analysis, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and General Ledger.
  • Fully integrated "Wireless Warehouse" software fully supports bar code scanning and printing, truck routing and manifests.
  • Fully integrated Customer On-Line Access (COLA) Internet software
  • EDI communications with business partners.
  • Distributor software including rebates, trip points and quote tracking.
  • Retail software including point-of-sale, deposits and special order processing.
  • Optical Disk Invoice Storage and Retrieval eliminates the need to file and store invoices.
  • We write conversion programs to move data from your old system.

      The pendulum has swung too far from software that is "custom, proprietary and specific to the customer", to "a generalized package" where one size fits all. This ignores one very basic problem - in order to be effective, the software must focus on your industry and your business. "Big box" stores are not using generalized software; they all have in-house staffs of IT professionals developing solutions for their way of doing business. They realize their computer system needs to be "fine tuned" to their business to insure they can stay ahead of the curve and react quickly, thus enabling management to run their business, rather than the software running it for them. The extra costs associated with inefficiency add to the cost of doing business. Support for regional issues, which may only exist when selling in certain parts of the country, also need to be addressed. Successful companies already recognize the need to move the software pendulum back toward meeting their specific needs.

      We still do custom software! Virtually no company is willing to do this anymore. Instead, the customer is told to seek an outside consultant. These consultants typically face a difficult road, since they have no intimate knowledge of the application, and no way to change the existing program. We pride ourselves on our willingness to tweak the software to meet our clients' needs rather than telling them how they can structure their business to work within the framework of the software.

      Perhaps you thought the cost of having this type of specialized system was outside of your reach. Perhaps you thought you would need to hire an entire IT staff, dedicated to development, maintenance and support. We want to ensure you that there is another option - with FloorPro® III, tailored to meet your business needs.

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