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Customer Internet Solutions

COLA (Customer On-Line Access) is an internet-based e-commerce application.

    Key Features:
  • Expands your order desk to a 24x7 operation
  • Salesman / Sales Manager On-Line Access
  • No Special Software is required. All you need is a PC, a browser and internet access.

    COLA allows your customers to:
  • Check stock
  • Check pricing
  • Check the status of existing orders
  • Retrieve product information
  • Place an order
  • Print a confirmation document

      COLA is an ideal way to provide customer service in the evening or on weekends when your order desk is closed. Your customers can check stock or find another product online while their customer is still in the showroom. There is no reason to wait until your order desk is open again.

      With COLA, you have the ability to expand your order desk and customer service department to a 24/7 operation without adding personnel! In fact, it actually decreases the labor costs by reducing the number of customer service representatives needed to run your operation.

      In many ways, you can visualize COLA as an enhanced form of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). Unlike EDI, COLA is interactive and user friendly. While most EDI functions operate in "batch" mode at some predetermined time of day, COLA operations are performed in "real time". The customer does not need to purchase any special hardware or software; all they need is internet access.

      COLA interfaces directly with the FloorPro® III ERP software. Orders are created directly by the customer without any manual re-entry of information. For committed orders, the "Free Stock" Inventory is reduced immediately at the time the order is placed.

      In addition to "Customer On-Line Access", COLA also offers "Salesman On-Line Access" and "Sales Manager On-line Access" features. The "Sales Manager" feature allows the user to access ANY customer and perform any function for that customer, including checking the status of existing orders, checking pricing, or even placing an order for that customer. "Salesman Access" is similar to the "Sales Manager" feature, except that access is restricted to customers which have been assigned to that salesman. Both salesman and sales managers have access to a "customer lookup" feature if they are unsure of which customer account to access.

      COLA also offers a "Product Lookup" feature, which operates in a similar fashion to how an Internet search engine helps a user find information on the internet. By describing what the user is looking for, the system displays a list of matching products. This list is ranked in the order of relevance, so that the most likely matches are displayed first. This lookup can be enhanced by selecting various product categories from several pull-down boxes.

      COLA is truly a 21st century way of servicing your customers!

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